Hello. My name is Abby. I'm eight years old and I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when I turned two. My parents work hard to help me make sense of the world around me and this blog is meant to help others understand my world and my journey with Rett Syndrome.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I have thought a lot about what to get for Abby for Christmas this year.  It is very difficult to find toys that she can activate herself and that are age appropriate.  Abby can pat on things with her hands.  She loves activating things herself-its one of the few things that she can do without assistance, so I really try to find things that she can work by herself.  Unfortunately, most toys that have large enough buttons are designed for infants, while the princess computers and and age appropriate toys that she LOVES looking at in the store require way too much fine motor control.      

Tonight, Wes and I went out to do what we thought would be the majority of our Christmas shopping for Abby and Logan.  Fortunately, Logan is easy to shop for.  He is almost two and is interested in lots of things, especially balls.  It was so fun to find toys that we know he will love.  We left with nearly all of his gifts in the cart.  I know he will be so excited on Christmas morning.  I so wish we could do that for Abby.  I think I have some ideas that she might like.  We will have to buy them, try them out to see if she will be able to use it, then return what doesn't work.  Here's what I am thinking so far:
If the keys are easy to push, I think she will like this vanity/piano.  It plays music and a princess image appears in the mirror. What girl wouldn't like a princess vanity, right?  
This one is going to need some work.  When a small button is pushed, the rose spins, lights up, and music plays.  I know she will like it, but the button is way too small.  I think I can super glue a large knob (maybe an inch or so wide) over the button.  I still might need to tape it to the table so she doesn't knock it over, but it just might work....maybe.  There were a couple of different themed toys that work the same way, so if I can make it work, I could get her a couple different ones.  The music/light combo is a favorite of Abby.    

If the piano doesn't work, I am thinking about a projector.  I could hook it up to her portable dvd player and it could play her movies on the ceiling while she lays in bed.  I think she and Logan would get a kick out of it.  They  make them for kids that aren't top quality, but that will work okay and aren't too pricey.  

Abby does have toys that she needs assistance to play with.  We play with her Little People, books, and dolls together.  While I will continue to help her play with these toys, I think she will enjoy having a few new things to play with all by herself.          


  1. Belle's rose would have been such a BIG hit at our house during our "Beauty and the Beast" years! An idea for securing it upright might be to take a clean wooden plank, adhere some Velcro to the top of it and to the bottom of the toy. Now you have a portable, interchangeable support for lots of lighter-weight toys. Just a thought!

    I hope your family has a blessed Christmas!!!

  2. You are such an awesome mom! I love reading about you and Abby. Miss you all! Have a wonderful Christmas.