Hello. My name is Abby. I'm eight years old and I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when I turned two. My parents work hard to help me make sense of the world around me and this blog is meant to help others understand my world and my journey with Rett Syndrome.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

We went to Chuck E. Cheese today for a birthday party. Everyone had a great time playing and eating pizza. Of course, all the comotion was a bit much for Abby, so she spent much of the time watching her movies with her Papaw.

Abby found a comfy spot on Papaw's lap.
Logan loved all the action!
Happy Birthday Kaden!!!

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  1. They look great. Hopefully Nonnie and Papaw will be back soon. =0) Shari just had Owens bday party yesterday at Chucky Cheese. I love being able to keep up with yall. Thanks, Stacy