Hello. My name is Abby. I'm eight years old and I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when I turned two. My parents work hard to help me make sense of the world around me and this blog is meant to help others understand my world and my journey with Rett Syndrome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TriState Strollathon

We had a great time at the TriState Strollathon on Saturday.  The weather was perfect and there was a good turnout.  I am so happy to report that, after all the offline donations were added up, Team Abby raised $7,000!! That is SO much more than our original goal.  Thanks again to all those who made donations, especially to those who walked with us on Saturday.  Our team rocks!!!

Abby had a chance to test out one of the trikes that were available for demonstration.  She loved it, of course.  We have a trike that we got a couple of years ago, but she has never been able to push the pedals enough to make it move.  I think it weighs too much.  This one, however, is designed so that even just a minimal push on the pedal will move the bike.  She was SO happy on it.  


  1. woo hoo! go team abby! love the matching shirts and the trike looks like loads of fun.

  2. Thanks! We opted to tie-dye this year. I thought it would be cheap and easy. It was super cheap-we used mostly old white shirts and the dye was only $10. It turned out to be quite an ordeal to dye 40 shirts, but I like how they turned out.