Hello. My name is Abby. I'm eight years old and I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when I turned two. My parents work hard to help me make sense of the world around me and this blog is meant to help others understand my world and my journey with Rett Syndrome.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Abby & Logan

Lately, Logan has been very curious about what is going on with his big sister.  We were playing catch last week, and he wanted to throw the ball to Abby.  I stood by her to help, and he said he wanted me to move so he could throw it to her.  Well, letting him throw a ball at her was not going to turn out very well, so I had to explain in a way I thought he might understand that Abby's hands don't work very well, and she can't move them in the same way that he can move his hands.  He looked at me like he completely understood, and continued playing catch, without insisting I step aside and let Abby play by herself.  Several times since then, we have noticed Logan trying to hold Abby's fingers apart and stop them from patting.  When asked what he is doing, he tells me he is helping her.  Makes me happy and sad at the same time.  I love that he wants to help but it breaks my heart that she needs so much help.

I wish Abby and Logan could play together, even argue with each other, like other siblings, but I am grateful for the special relationship they do have.  Logan has learned how to play carefully around Abby.  He is a very energetic little boy, but he has never knocked his very unsteady big sister over when she is walking near.  How is that even possible?  If he were to bump into her, she would surely fall down.  He runs near her, bounces around her, even hugs her while she is standing, but she doesn't fall down!  That's really amazing!  When he plays with toys while she is walking, he doesn't leave anything that she could trip over on the floor.  When his friends come over, he makes them pick up their toys because "they will make sissy fall".  He tells me when she is reaching for food or a drink, or if he thinks she is wanting something.  And she gets a kick out of him and his nonstop talking and running around like crazy person.  He cracks her up....most of the time.  She pats his little head when they watch cartoons and smiles when he talks to her.  They clearly care about each other, and show it in their own way.  

And while they don't argue, they do take a little pleasure in the occasional distress of each other.  Abby often laughs when Logan throws a fit in the car.  She laughs OUT LOUD, which makes him cry even more.  The other day, Logan was screaming (like only a 2-year-old can), and I commented to Wes that Abby was laughing...again.  Logan stopped crying and said "that's rude, Abby".  Yeah, its a little rude, but very funny.  Logan is not completely innocent either.  If I give him candy to share with Abby, he does his version of asking her a yes or no question. He does not, however, use any yes/no cards or use eye gaze to determine her response.  If he asks her if she wants a piece of his candy, he determines (through telepathy, I guess) that her answer is almost always NO.  Imagine that.  Abby never wants Logan to share anything with her. Funny.

There are many times that I wish they could have a different kind of relationship, one where they didn't need an adult to intervene for them to interact.  I guess there will be time for that, though.  Logan is still only 2, and he will learn how to interpret her communication as he gets older and she will have a device that will help her communicate.  We are still very hopeful that there will be a treatment in the near future that will give Abby much more control of her body.  Who knows, maybe Logan will be helping Abby catch the ball after all!


  1. oh i love this post. love it. i love that logan wants to throw the ball to abby! and avery laughs EVERY time nolan gets in trouble. i encourage it sometimes b/c its so darn TYPICAL! :)

  2. I know, Erica. I sort of encourage it, too. Wes and I laugh when Abby is laughing at Logan, which just aggravates him ever further!

  3. Love this post, sounds like a page out of our life. Chloe was holding the teachers hands at preschool to help her, even though the teach doesn't have rett, in Chloe's eyes, everyone needs to have their hands held, not such a bad thing. I bet that Logan figures out other things to teach her that you weren't expecting, not sure that will be good, but it will be in it's own way ;-) xx